The next CodeCamp Cluj will take place on the 7th of May 2016 at Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca. The conference will consist of several parallel tracks of various seat capacity, and with a mixed content between Business Analysis, Development (Java, .NET, PHP, databases etc.), Architecture, Quality Assurance, Management, and other IT related areas.

CodeCamp is your IT Conference in Romania. It started in 2008, having now reached its 18th edition, with a strong desire for better communication among IT professionals. While being a volunteering, non-profit movement supported by the community IT community members, CodeCamp was encouraged and sustained since its early beginnings by companies willing to support the Romanian tech environment and give back.

What CodeCamp mainly does is to gather people together with the purpose of learning & sharing professional experiences. Along the way they had different conference formats. They started with 3 days 30 people hands-on lab & coding sessions on various technologies and disciplines trying to fulfill the continuous demand from the community. They ended up doing large conferences with thousands of participants.

CodeCamp targets and brings together people from various IT disciplines and who reached all possible career levels – from bright and enthusiastic students and juniors to the more experienced, wise and gray hair senior and expert participants.

If you are interested in Java, .NET, Mobile, PHP, Ruby, Big Data, Agile development, Testing, Management, Architecture, Business Analysis or other IT related areas, then join CodeCamp where you can meet the smart people speaking on all these topics and many others from their own real life experiences.

Anything missing from the list of the speakers? Feel free to contribute – CodeCamp is more than happy to invite you as a speaker at their events. Find tracks of previous events including pictures, slide-decks, feedback, and blog posts on CodeCamp Romania’s website and Facebook Page