Sometimes, winter days at the office can be very long and grey. Why not spice them up with some movies at Geeks & Oscars @theOffice? Technology is about accuracy, precision, but it is also about inspiration, creativity and passion. People working in technology have passions, are creative and inspired.

During the last week-end before the 90th edition of the Academy Awards, DB Connect turns into a cinema, offering you some of the best movies of the last years. Let yourself be inspired!

Come to enjoy a movie with your geek friends and enter The Oscars 2018 Competition. Guess which movie will be chosen Best Picture this year, and win a double unlimited subscription at the cinema for an entire year! The winners will be announced on March 5th.


FRIDAY, Feb 23rd
18:30 Opening doors
19:00 Announcing the Oscars 2018 Competition
19:10 Ex Machina (2014)
21:00 Opening The Oscars 2018 Competition
21:30 Closing doors

SATURDAY, Feb 24th
11:00 Opening doors
11:30 Arrival (2016)
13:30 Break
14:00 Dunkirk (2017)
15:50 Closing The Oscars 2018 Competition
16:30 Closing doors

Register until Feb 22nd and let’s spice up our creativity!