The Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy is a university program to help educate the next generation of cybersecurity experts and provides a comprehensive offering of course content that matches the educational needs of high school and university students. Academy curriculum is aligned with the U.S. National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, or NICE, framework and cybersecurity work roles.

Apply to the Palo Alto Cybersecurity Academy and be one of the 24 luckiest ladies who will have the chance to attend the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Configuration Workshop.

Attendees will gain a general understanding of how to install, configure and manage firewalls for the defense of enterprise network architecture. You will also learn the theory and steps for setting up the security, networking, threat prevention, logging and reporting features of next-generation firewalls.

Using Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls, you will learn to:

  • Compare industry-leading firewall platforms, architecture and defense capability related to Zero Trust security approaches and public cloud security.
  • Demonstrate and apply configuration of firewall initial access, interfaces, security zones, routing, etc.
  • Analyze security policy administrative concepts related to source and destination network address translation, or NAT.
  • Outline and construct security policies to identify known and unknown application software.
  • Differentiate, configure and deploy filtering technologies such as antivirus, anti-spyware and file blocking.
  • Construct and deploy URL profiles for attachment to next-generation firewall security policies.


09:00 Check-in
09:30 About Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Platform
10:00 App-ID – What is an Application
11:30 Content-ID
12:30 Lunch
13:30 URL Filtering
15:00 Wildfire
16:30 Wrap-up


– You should have a certain familiarity with Networking concepts including Routing, Switching, and IP Addressing.
– You also should be familiar with Basic Security concepts.
– Experience with other Security Technologies (IPS, Proxy, and Content Filtering) is a plus.
– We will be stepping through configurations and testing traffic traversing the firewall from application allowed/denied to examining the traffic for malicious content.

Apply to the Palo Alto Cybersecurity Academy