Women Dev Stories is an informal after-work meetup dedicated to women developers, aspiring or professional, where you can relax, network and get inspired with the stories presented by our special guests from Endava, Adobe, and Gameloft. The event will take place on March 28, starting with 18:30 at Commons Unirii.

Speakers of Women Dev Stories

Teodora Dima, Frontend Developer at Endava

Teodora Dima

Frontend Developer

Endava Romania

Teodora is a Frontend Developer, tennis fan and part-time UX enthusiast. She believes that building something as complex as software is a collaborative effort calling on people with diverse backgrounds. She also happens to have a pretty colorful background, academically and professionally. At Endava, she works as a Frontend Developer impacting the next generation of POS devices.

Irina Ciobotea Senior Java Developer at Endava

Irina Ciobotea

Senior Java Developer

Endava Romania

Irina Ciobotea is working as Senior Java Developer at Endava and has over 7 years of experience, with focus on Telekom and Financial Products. Her love for programming is due to a number of summers spent with Diablo 2, Heroes 3 and Starcraft. She has had the chance to go from startups to large development companies and is currently working on a reporting tool for Payments Processor.

Andreea Casaru - Senior Software Engineer at Adobe

Andreea Casaru

Senior Software Engineer

Adobe Romania

Andreea Casaru is a Senior Software Engineer at Adobe, working for the Business Catalyst product since december 2018.

Prior to joining Adobe, Andreea has made a journey through both vibrant startups and well established software companies in Bucharest and got herself involved in big software projects in fields as varied as ERPs, online gaming, photo processing, travel industry, insurance industry and payment proccessing. While wearing different hats on the projects she worked on, from business specifications analysis, design and architecture, development and more, she gathered knowledge and experience on how to craft software.

She graduated from Bucharest Polytehnics University, Computes Science section and she is specialized in .NET and related technologies. She enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures, reading and from time to time a good game of Heroes.

Andreea Modrea - Senior Programmer at Gameloft

Andreea Modrea

Senior Programmer

Gameloft Romania

Andreea is a Software Engineer with over 15 years in the gaming industry. She works at Gameloft and is responsible for the development of various parts of the game. Now she is a Senior Programmer in the “Sniper Fury” Team.